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Humboldt County Permitting:

Permitting is a challenge,so get ready! Humboldt county has two layers of regulations. 

Ordinance 1.0 came into play a few years ago. Most people filed applications before December 2016 that are part of 1.0 and applications are still being processed.

Ordinance 2.0 is what is coming into effect now but 2.0 applications are being put in line behind 1.0 applications.


 2.0 applications will require you to have all of your ducks in a row up front.

There are only so many that have fully passed through the process and even those permits have lists of things that still need to be completed. The 1.0 applications were allowed to do some of the necessary items within a certain timeframe.


Building permits, grading permits, and site changes were given certain timeframes for completion, yet Humboldt was allowing these things to get back permitted as part of the process. 

Please call me for more info- in the meantime here are some links to recources! 

Humboldt County Cannabis Division:

Trinity County Permitting:

Trinity county is a different ball game. There were so many permits opened up in the beginning and I think around 300 applications were submitted. Recently Trinity county was sued by CEQA- and though the suit got denied, there is a new CEQA section and a new application for Trinity county. However they are open for receiving permit applications.

Trinity County also caps permits at 10,000SF of flowering canopy with a few exceptions for bigger gardens.

Trinity County Cannabis Division:

Mendocino County


Mendocino county is also on a different trajectory. They are capping gardens at 10,000SF of flowering canopy as well. In Mendo, you go through the building department first. They look at your parcel and approve your site. Then you get transferred to the AG department, and this is the department that actually gives you your permit. So Mendocino is a two step process. Everyone is very friendly down there, and there are also Mendocino consultants that specialize in their ordinance- so it's worth looking into who may be more familiar with their regulations when hiring a consultant. The thing that makes it tricky there right now is permits are not transferrable so if you sell to a new buyer the seller has to stay on the permit which is not ideal.  They also want you to show pre-existing cultivation so it makes it harder for new farms who have no history of a grow.

Mendocino Cannabis Division

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