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North Point Consulting

North point can help you with all of your consulting needs. They cover multiple counties, and have helped my clients to psuh permits through for RRR's and State and county level Cannabis permits.

Please contact Rob Jensen at:


Trinity County Parcel Viewer

Trinity County parcel viewer will help you look up APN numbers and parcel in Trinity. This is a great way to check out properties that you are interested in. Check it out.

Humboldt County GIS

Humboldt county has one of the best GIS systems around. you can plug in an APN or parcel number and look up all kinds of things about the property. It may take you a minute to figure out the layers, but you can see everything from road systems, waterways, prime AG soils, and coastal zones. Check it out.

Trinity County Cannabis

I'm a big fan of Trinity county. Trinity has a lot less to deal with then humboldt. Their permitting process is typically faster and everyone is really helpful. Check out their site if you are interested in permitting your farm in Trinity county.

Humboldt County Cannabis Division

Humboldt county has it's won cannabis division called "Seapod." You can go talk to the county in person about parcels you are interested in, and or read up on regulations on the website. If you are thinking of applying for a permit this is a great place to begin.

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