12395 Fickle Hill Rd

Arcata, CA 95521


12495 Fickle Hill-3.jpg

Fully equipped 40-acre production farm on Fickle Hill. One minor issue with Fish and Wildlife being remediated for final F&W sign off. 2,700 sf building with living space and genetic/propagation areas. Industrial PG&E power system ($500K+) on both sides of Fickle Hill. Well: 10-20 gallons/minute with elaborate water treatment system. Graded, entitled 2,500 sf view home site with all utilities stubbed to it. Septic system supports 5+ bathrooms. County Interim: 10,000 Outdoor and 5,000 Mixed-light with an additional 5,084 sf of Mixed-light ''Propagation'', totaling 20,084 sf. Final Planning Commission approval soon with continuing support from Planning Department. Concrete greenhouse floors, walkways and solidly built operating systems. Estimated 750,000 board feet timber. This is a must see. Expansion is in process. Easy access to town for workers, and will produce excellent numbers. $2.0MM+ invested.