5610 Panther Gap Rd. Honeydew, CA 95545 



80 acre parcel including 22,000 SF of Mixed Light Tier 2 and an Acre of outdoor square footage. The Acre is undeveloped and will need to be placed on property by the new owner. The branding of this farm “Eden Farms”  is not included in the sale.
Included are: A 3,800 SF processing building built in 2015; 15 steel-framed greenhouses built in 2017; 100 Snap Fans powered by about 60 solar panels; a customized irrigation system; 7 tanks holding 21,000 gallons of water from a deep well; grading plans for flats for 6 more greenhouses; Engineering plans for a 450,000 rainwater catchment pond, a new processing building, and to convert the existing building into employee housing if desired. An 800 square foot 2-bedroom home.