1934 S. Face Lane

Garberville, CA



+/- 65 Acres


This is the farm you buy when you need a showcase farm for your investors. It sits right at the crux of the Emerald triangle and is part of the movement to make this area recognized as an appellation of it's own, with 20 plus years of roots connections, original strains, a working business, and much more.

The farm has a 20,000SF outdoor permit on file and is in good standing with the county and the state. The estate has a large main house that overlooks one of the major gardens, and a shop with an advanced showroom and office room upstairs, and a storage/packing area downstairs. Additionally there is a guest cabin by the other main garden, and a fully advanced trim house and facility. This farm is beautiful and there are not many out there like it! There is also a super well designed solar system that feeds the farm along with a beautiful big greenhouse, a pond for extra storage and a year round creek down below.

Call me with any questions.


Villa Paradiso Packet